How to drive safely

In the recent times, there is a huge rise in the count of deaths caused due to accidents. Of various factors contributing to the road accidents, the major one is drivers’ discipline. More than 90% of the accidents that occur on roads are caused in some or other way due to driver’s fault, i.e. poor driving standards. The ability to drive is believed as a basic right, however the right of driving comes with a great responsibility.  Thus, every driver must follow some safety tips to drive safely.

Tips to drive safely

Driving safely is important, when you head out on a road trip. According to the research, most of the accidents are the result of human error. Check out below are the list of important things one has to follow in order to drive safely for reducing the mortality rate caused due to accidents.

Concentrate while Driving
  • Don’t do multi-tasking, while driving be attentive and focus 100% on driving
  • Avoid using phone or any other electronic device while driving
  • High speed gives less time to respond&rises the severity of an accident.Almost one-third of the accidents are caused due to over speed.
Drive “protectively”
  • Keep an eye on what other drivers around you are doing, and expect the unexpected.
  • Few motorists may do some crazy acts be prepared to avoid it
  • Always wear seat belt when you are driving the Car and helmet while on two wheeler
Plan a safe driving
  • Build time in your trip schedule to stop for rest breaks, food, phone calls or other business.
  • Ensure to adjust your mirrors & climate controls prior to putting the car in gear.
  • Pull over to drink or eat. It takes only a couple of minutes.
Do safety Practice
  • Don’t try to get the items fall on the floor.
  • Keep the required items needed within easy reach –like toll cards, toll fees and garage passes.
Other safety tips
  • Don’t let children to climb or fight around in your car – they must be buckled in their seats. Too much of noise may distract the driver and force him or her to lose the focus on the road.
  • Don’t drive, while you are tried or sick, because some medicines cause drowsiness & makes driving vehicle dangerous.
  • While changing the lanes always use caution i.e. use indicators. Changing lanes too fast without using indicator, or Cutting in front of someone or overtaking someone, or not using your signals cause an accident and even upset other drivers. So, be careful.
  • Have a regular service check about the tire pressure, fluids, tread wear& batteries, which could aid you in spotting a potential problem prior to its occurrence.
  • Never and ever drink and drive

Lack of driving discipline or standards not only risks driver’s life but also other pedestrians and passengers. Thus, follow the above mentioned tips and have a safe, secure and happy driving!