All you need to know about Hip replacement

In the recent times a number of people are suffering from Hip pain. Although aging is the most reason for hip pain, the other factors that contribute to the hip pain are accident, infections, unhealthy lifestyle & osteoarthritis. With the advancements in science and Medicine, now you no need to live with hip pain for the rest of life. Go for, hip replacement if the hip pain is greatly impacting your quality of life.

What is Hip Replacement and its purpose?

In the process of hip replacement surgery, doctor confiscates painful hip joint with arthritis and replaces it with artificial joint prepared from plastic and metal components. Mostly, hip replacement surgery will be done, when other treatment options get failed to provide enough relief.  The purpose of Hip replacement surgery is to give relief from pain & to improve the functioning of the hip joint.

Facts of Hip replacement surgery

The following are the some of the facts about Hip replacement surgery

  • Hip replacement is not the first option to treat hip pain
  • Man-made artificial hips are smaller when compare to natural hips
  • Soon after a hip replacement surgery, one can’t start walking immediately
  • After undergoing hip replacement surgery, the vital thing is to work on muscle strength
  • Hip replacement is not compulsory just to ease pain

When to approach doctor about hip replacement surgery?

When you are unable to bear your hip pain and it actually obstruct your daily activities, then that’s the right time to consult doctor.  However, an orthopedic surgeon analysis your case thoroughly and suggests Hip replacement only when other nonsurgical options such as physical therapy, medication and so on, are no longer helpful in alleviating the pain. Usually, orthopedic surgeons recommend Hip replacement, if you are experiencing advanced joint disease.

How common are hip replacements?

From past few decades, millions of hip pain and arthritis sufferers have experienced relief and regained mobility through hip replacement. Also the fact is, each year, hip replacement & revision surgeries are done on almost one million people across the globe.

Signs that says it’s the time for a hip replacement

  • When your pain continues over time
  • When you feel pain in hip during & after exercise
  • When you are not as mobile as you would like to be
  • When medication & use of cane is not giving enough relief
  • When hip becomes hard from sitting in a car
  • When there is a pain in rainy weather
  • Lack of enough sleep due to pain
  • When you are unable to bend
  • When hip becomes hard and swollen
  • When you face difficulty while walking, getting out of bed and climbing stairs
  • Any major injury to hip

Who are eligible for Hip Replacement?

Everyone who is suffering from hip arthritis is not a right candidate to perform hip replacement surgery. The following are the indications & contraindications for this surgery.

Hip replacement surgery is suitable for patients who have moderate to severe arthritis in hip, subsuming rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or post-traumatic arthritis that results in pain or interferes with daily activities. Further, by analyzing patients medical history, an orthopedic surgeon decides, whether the patient is a right candidate for Hip Replacement or not.

What are the benefits of Hip Replacement Surgery?

  • Opting Hip Replacement Surgery is a major decision. Thus, understating the benefits of Hip Replacement Surgery, aids you to determine if hip replacement surgery is a precise choice for you.
  • The major benefit of hip replacement surgery –is an ability to move and walk without any chronic & agonizing pain.
  • After recovery from hip replacement, people resume their daily activities they had prior to hip pain.
  • Following the complete recovery one can enjoy biking, swimming, hiking, golf and other activities, again.
  • Ability to move with less pain is definitely a main benefit of hip replacement surgery.

A number of people are glad with the results of hip replacement surgery. However, it is essential to keep in mind that this surgery is a major surgical procedure & comes with some inbuilt risks of surgery, such as surgical complications, anesthesia and infection. Thus, after surgery if you are experiencing any weird conditions approaching your orthopedic right away is the best solution.

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