Gym? Yoga? – Confused? ReadMore

To remain healthy and fit, it is essential for every individual to indulge in physical exercise or activities. Generally, physical activities, are connected to a crowd of good benefits, such as reduced stress, healthier and better outlook, in addition to increasing the body’s resistance against risks such as heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, muscle pain and others problems.

Similarly, the yoga practice is considered as an ancient tradition, known especially for its health benefits. Moreover, walking can complement the yoga practice and together it can be proved highly beneficial and as an alternative for gym

What to Choose Yoga or Gym

Practicing both gym & yoga is not at all advisable, as both need a lot of energy as well as time, after which a person feels tired & needs rest. Thus, it is suggested that when it comes to choose either gym or yoga, you should pick one only. A number of people do either yoga or gym for losing weight, as both subsume a lot of exercises & sweating which helps in burning fat. Whether it’s a yoga or gym, these physical activities helps individuals in improving their body’s flexibility as well as immunity.

For people, who are puzzled in choosing either Gym or yoga, it is very difficult to say which one would be better; as both are good for individuals health, physically as well as mentally. Thus, perhaps a detailed comparison of differences between the two and benefits of each one may be more helpful in picking the suitable one.

Differences between Yoga and Gym

  • While gym aids in building body & attaining the desired body structure, yoga aims in regulating complete body mechanism, with more prominence on mental control.
  • Gym workouts can be more expensive, whereas yoga needs minimal accessories, and affordably convenient.
  • People of all ages can do Yoga, however few poses must be avoided, whereas gym & other extreme physical activities are not at all suitable for old people and for those with ailments such as heart problems and hypertension.
  • There exists minimal withdrawal effects with yoga, when compared to gym workouts.
  • For doing gym one needs to go to the gym, while yoga can be done anywhere & everywhere

Benefits of gym and other exercises:

  • Keeps muscles fit
  • Helps in losing Weight
  • Improves respiration as well as perspiration
  • Increaseshunger& food consumption
  • keeps one stress-free
  • Increases physical strength and fitness
  • Stimulates brain’s functioning
  • Can prevent health problems such as blood pressure, diabetes, sugar, heart attack, etc.

Benefits of yoga:

  • Keeps active throughout the day
  • Reduces risk from deadly diseases such as asthma, cancer& heart diseases
  • Minds control over the body can be improved
  • Aids in bowel movement
  • Improves blood circulation throughout the body
  • Anxiety and stress can be relieved
  • Can be practiced everywhere and anywhere
  • Improves body’s flexibility

Always there will be a difference between yoga body & gym body. A yoga body will be lean, mean & flexible whereas, a gym body will be muscular and not that flexible. Understand the benefits and your needs to choose the best one.