Stop Texting or talking on phone while Driving

In today’s avant-garde era, cell phones have become indispensable to most of us. We always wish to remain reachable all the time to attend calls and every message, nevertheless of where we are and what we are doing. Especially,working people, traders, businessmen believe that the inaccessible of mobile phone for long periods can lose business. Thus, they prefer to remain available all the time through phone, which in turn leads to accidents. According to the research, the probability of accidents caused while driving due to texting is thrice whereas due to talking on phone is four times.


There is a huge rise in accidents caused due to texting and talking on mobile phone. Earlier, the causes of accident were alcohol, rash driving and over speeding, but with the surge in use of mobile phones, now the factors like texting and calling have become the major cause of accidents. Every individual, must remember that using a cell phone while driving not only endangers their life but also others individuals who share the road withthem. Therefore, it is vital for every citizen to educate himself or herself on how to be a better & responsible driver.


Pragmatic Reasons to Stop Texting or talking on phone while Driving

No one wants to be responsible for doing any traffic accident that may take his or her own life or the lives of other pedestrians or motorists. But, still there are many individuals who use mobile phones while driving vehicle. While talking on mobile phone during driving is unsafe, but the advent of texting on cell phone has become much more incompatible with driving. Reading or sending a message or mail not only takes both eyes off of the road, but also the driver’s mind off from the task of driving, & sometimes both hands off the steering. So, it is not all acceptable to do texting or taking a call while driving.

From the next time, whenever, you hear that appealing beep or feel that buzz, just recollect below reasons and keep yourself away from mobile phone while driving.


  1. Texting and talking while driving is Illegal: The correlation between texting and auto accidents whiledriving intensifies, thus many states havepassed a legislation making it illegal to text or call while driving.
  2. Consider Other Passengers: Transporting other individuals in your vehicle is a great responsibility. Reading or sendinga text while driving not only puts your life in risk but also puts your passengers’ lives.
  3. Consider Other Motorists: While driving also remember that there are many other motorists sharing the road with you. A small, negligence at your end by looking at phone on your lap may also risks there life.
  4. Consider Pedestrians: In this busy schedule many individuals such school going children, college students, working men and women, senior citizens, and so on, are also using the same road as you. If you start looking at your slim cell phone while driving, you may overlook those individuals and keep their life in risk.
  5. A Couple Of Seconds is Enough To Park Vehicle: If you can’t resist the urge to check your text messages or take a call while driving, then just take a time and park your vehicle prior to picking up the cell phone.
  6. Use Hands-free Technology: With the advancements in technology there are many branded cars available in the market which are equipped with technology that connects mobile phone to the vehicle’s stereo system. If your vehicle doesn’t include such advancement, usethe cell phone with voice recognition technology or Bluetooth equipment that lets you to take calls & send or receive messages hands-free.
  7. Setting a bad example for children: While driving, many times you will be accompanied with younger people & young children with you. Being elder, you are, in several respects, and a role model to them. Talking or texting on phone while driving with children is ahorrible idea you are giving them indirectly, and it risks their innocent lives, on the other hand, it depicts an appalling example to them! Depicting them that its fine to text or talk on phone while driving, is only going to result them making the mistake & risking their lives in the future.
  8. Texting & Driving Debilitates your Reaction Time than Driving under the Influence of Alcohol:According to the experts, using a cell phone delays a driver’s reaction time over the legal limit of alcohol consumption.

Life is very short and precious, don’t risk it! Understand the reasons & avoid texting or talking on mobile phone while driving.